Division of Education and Kinesiology
Am. Indian Ctr. for Ed. Excellence

American Indian Center for Educational Excellence



Student Gathering & American Indian Initiatives and Development Center

The Pi'amkinwaas is a place for students to celebrate learning and transition. A sense of American Indian community is a priority of the center. Students utilizing the center can participate and become involved in the LCSC Indian Club, educational leadership retreats, powwow planning and development, and other campus-wide activities.

Historical Initiatives

As part of the historical background of AICEE service delivery, Pi'amkinwaas formerly housed grant initiatives which provided the foundation of support of our Indian population. The two programs were American Indian Students in Leadership and Education (AISLE), and American Indian Students in Leadership and Education Teacher Project (ATP). While these two grant initiatives have expired the Division of Education continues to seek grant funding sources to revitalize the intention of the two programs.