Division of Education and Kinesiology
Elementary Education - PACE

Elementary Education - PACE Option

Elementary PACE is available in Lewiston, Coeur d'Alene, Sandpoint, and Twin Falls, Idaho.

This pathway is intended for individuals working in the schools as para-educators, career changers, and nontraditional students who can not attend a traditional campus program having attained at least an AA degree or its equivalent, with the goal of attaining a BS in Elementary Education with accompanying Teacher Certification.

The program of study is composed of two on-campus summers, fall and spring semesters utilizing distance learning technology, and student teaching for one semester internship in an accredited school. This internship may be concurrent with employment in a school district with the approval and cooperation of the school administration.

The program is NCATE accredited, rigorous, and performance-based. The PACE Program begins in the summer based on available openings. You may begin prerequisite course work before formal admission.

Opportunities to Accelerate

PACE provides opportunities for qualified candidates to accelerate through the program based on documented life experiences and demonstrated teaching knowledge, skills, and dispositions.

On-Line Classes

During the intervening academic year, PACE courses are delivered online utilizing asynchronous Blackboard. During the summer phases of the program and internship I & II candidates are provided with a laptop computer with videoconferencing capabilities and software that permit candidates to receive personal face-to-face advising, participate in small group seminars, and during Internship II, be observed teaching in their classrooms. Candidates should apply for admission no later than January preceding the first summer session they plan to attend.

Minors and Endorsements

PACE provides online coursework in certain minors and endorsements. All PACE elementary candidates must also meet at least one endorsement requirement identified by The Idaho State Department of Education

First Steps

Individuals interested in PACE should begin by submitting a Request For Transcript Evaluation Form to the Division of Education and Kinesiology together with copies of all transcripts from higher education institutions including Dantes forms for military personnel, a brief explanation of their background and teaching experience, if any, and a check payable to "LCSC" in the amount of $35.00. If the individual decides to affiliate with The PACE Program, $30.00 of this amount will be credited to the PACE Program Admission Fee. The PACE Program Assistant, Dawn Byers will evaluate the transcripts and send an evaluation report to the individual. The PACE Elementary Coordinator will follow-up with a written advising letter. The report identifies content and pedagogic courses for which the individual may receive credit, and a list of coursework still needed to be completed. Directions are provided for applying for admission to the college and the PACE Program.

State Provisional Certificate

In emergency situations a school district may employ an individual as a teacher under the State Provisional Certificate. This certificate is good for one year and is non-renewable. The one year certificate provides time for individual to be admitted to PACE and begin their studies to complete certification requirements. Eligibility for this certificate requires a bachelor's degree.